Arch development for use with MRC's appliances

Effective arch and jaw development to enhance habit correction

The intrinsic link between function (breathing and myofunctional habits) and structure (arch form, dental alignment and occlusion) means that both factors need to be considered when trying to correct either. Although MRC's appliances address both structure and function, there are instances where assistance is needed from auxiliary techniques. Arch development used with MRC's appliances focuses on altering the patient's structure to enhance habit correction and, as such, they must conform to biological principles and promote habit correction, not hinder it. MRC's arch development range uses a select group of appliances that specialise in this and are used in conjunction with both the Myobrace® and Myosa® treatment systems. 

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Our BWS course explains the crucial role arch development plays in improving breathing and myofunctional disorders for patients with orthodontic and TMJ issues.